About Me & This Blog


My name is Anu, and first of all, thanks for visiting my site!

If you are a student or newbie to analytics, I’d love to help you delve deeper into analytics, so feel free to drop me a note if you have any questions. Or take a look at my “Projects” page to see if there’s anything you like to use.

If you are an experienced professional, and are just browsing, even better! Please do chime in and tell me where I can improve.

Who am I?

An engineer by education, I’ve always been fascinated by numbers and using them to make better decisions. My first tryst with data started during my undergrad days, sorting 10-year question banks every semester, to identify topics that would increase my probability of acing the papers. Then, I did not know to call it “analytics” but I became an expert anyway and graduated with honors as the top student of my class. (Good teachers, loads of studying helped too!) More importantly, I’m proud to say that this technique helped my friend circle increase their GPAs by a wide margin too, at a University that prides itself on keeping the pass percentages under 25%! 🙂

My first “business” project was to help my mom, Dr. Latha V, with the statistical and graphical analysis of her Ph.D thesis on habits of 500+ distance education learners. At work, I’ve run copious reports on operational metrics, trying to identify issues, improve process efficiency and so on.

However, I’d never thought of myself as a “data” professional until my darling husband (thank you!) for introducing me to the evolving world of Data Science. He felt that it was a natural progression for my existing skills and my math background would help me excel at it! Boy, was he right! Once I learned about R, I was fascinated. When I saw the Kaggle website, I was hooked. When I saw Tableau, my first thought was – “where have you been all these years? ” It was as if a magical world opened up that perfectly aligned my interests, skills and experience!

That’s my data story. Do you have one too? Feel free to share.

Why this blog?

Learning data analytics is not easy, esp. if you have no prior industry experience or a background in programming. There are loads of courses and information available, but sometimes having too much choice can get overwhelming. With this blog, I wanted to share only the best resources. Plus, stat theory can quickly get boring, so I wanted to provide easy, ready-made projects that can quickly get you started and teach you the theory!

Wishing you the best for your exciting journey into analytics!



Please share your feedback and opinions. Thanks!

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