July Projects – Data Visualization with R

Projects for month of July are now uploaded on Projects page. This month’s motif is advanced graphics and visualizations in R. Basic graphs are already added here.

  1. bcharts.R : Program to create horizontal bar charts and side-stacked bar charts using ggplot package.
  2. surfaceplots.R : Program to create 3D visuals of geometric and complex mathematical functions, like the one below: surface_plot
  3. explore_new.R: Graphical data exploration using the US education scorecard data from a Kaggle competition. In this program we use the leaflet package to construct an interactive US state-level map to showcase college data (admission rate, average faculty salary, median student debt, etc). The map allows user to zoom in to view details about the college. (Image below)  map_univ
  4. bubble_chart.R : Attractive bubble charts showing crime rates per district. Dataset is pulled in from the Kaggle competition for San Francisco crime data.

Feel free to fork the code to adapt for your own needs. As usual, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section beneath.