‘Shiny’ World of R

Hello All,

Today’s post is a quick notification update to tell you that my Projects page has been updated with the projects for this month. This month’s work is all about Shiny, an incredibly easy way to make web applications to showcase your data analysis projects. If you are not very comfortable with the basics, then the Shiny RStudio website has an amazing tutorial to get you started.

This month’s code projects are available here, including:

  1. immi-sal : Interactive webcharts displaying average salaries of highly skilled immigrant workers,. Users can select views based on state, job title and visa status.  shiny-salary-tool
  2. Diamonds-explorer: interactive Scatter plots using the diamond dataset.
  3. Shiny basics – code for different types of widgets and interactive displays. Shiny apps require all ui files to be named ui.R, so when you download the code, please remember to rename the files accordingly. (e.g: ui_img.R should be saved as ui.R before running the app.)


If you want to take the code further or simply play with Shiny, then here are some other resources to help with your programming:

  1. Add a map using ‘leaflet’ functions. A great example is provided in R-bloggers website.
  2. Add more data tables, using this tutorial for help.
  3. Create attractive maps of your social networks using D3 javascript, as explained in this blog post.


Happy Coding! 🙂