10 Free Resources to learn Python

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Quite a few of my friends and colleagues recently raved about the merits of Python since it can be used for basic software development and not just data analysis. Meanwhile, some others lamented the lack of tutorials to learn Python other than CodeAcademy.

I am not convinced there are sites better than CodeAcademy to learn basic Python, but here is a quick list of links anyway, and all of them are FREE!

Learn Basics of Python:

10 FREE resources to learn Python.

10 FREE resources to learn Python programming.

  1. CodeAcademy Python course -I’d like to reiterate about that this (my favorite site) has an amazing interactive editor, helpful hints and excellent content for a range of programming languages. However, it does have a time commitment of about 13 hours for the Python course. Only one weekend if you are really eager to get going! unfortunately, it covers only the basics, not the data analysis libraries.
  2. Google Python Class – Yup! Learn python from the world’s biggest tech-company.
  3. LearnPython.org – Similar to CodeAcademy, this site also teaches other scripting and programming languages like C, Java, PHP, etc.
  4. CodeMentor.io – another site similar to codeacademy.
  5. Kaggle – An excellent tutorial that quickly walks you through Python basics (some, not much), numpy and panda packages and how to apply standard machine learning algorithms using the Titanic passengers dataset. A great resource if you want to learn practical applications, not merely the syntax.
  6. Coursera – Quite a few of the popular courses on this site are now paid ONLY (~79$/course), but there are still FREE courses remaining, as listed below. So enroll while you still can! 🙂
    • Learn to Program: The Fundamentals, from the Univ. of Toronto
    • An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (set of 2 courses), from Rice University. Free if you take audit-only option, without access to the quizzes. Links here for course1 and course2.
  7. EdX – Both the courses listed below allow free enrollment, but you can add a verified certificate for 49$.
    • Introduction to Python for Data Science, a hands-on course from Microsoft. Link here.
    • CS For All: Introduction to Computer Science and Python Programming. Course from Harvey Mudd College, but it starts only on Jun 7, 2016. you can view details here.
  8. Udemy – Only listing two free courses, i.e those with standardized content as well as good feedback from students.
    • Introduction To Python Programming, by Avinash Jain. Link here .
    • Introduction to Computer Science with Python Programming, by Mybringback Edutube. Link provided here.
  9. Others – If quick tutorials to various Python libraries (sci-kit, numpy, matplotlib, etc.) is all you need, then this link provides a great curated list.
  10. If you know some amount of basic Python syntax, and only want a targeted tutorial for data analysis, then here’s a great step-by-step tutorial.


So get started with Python! Happy Coding!



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