Jumping Headlong into SAS and Python

As part of week2 of the Data Visualization Course, we have been given a choice – learn SAS or Python. This is supposed to enable us to write programs and build up on the final project. Besides which both these are are excellent “marketable” skills that will be extremely handy in the job market as a business analyst, marketing professional or data scientist.

Deep dive into SAS analytics

Deep dive into SAS analytics

Despite being an adept programmer, I was a bit daunted at first. Not for the programming itself, but the deadlines for the weekly projects. Would I be able to do this in time? (Arrggghh..)

As a newbie recruit at my first company, I was bombarded with new technologies and programming skills, but back then I had excellent tutors, doubt sessions and equally competitive classmates to fall back on for help. In this new scenario, would I be able to step up in an isolated MOOC environment?

Thankfully, my fears were totally baseless, the tutorials were superb and the videos emphatically ask students not to get paralysed or intimidated by the technospeak! (Hat tip to the instructor Lisa Dierker and her incredible team)

I chose to learn SAS, since I am already familiar with Python (hurray for CodeAcademy!) Plus, SAS is the market leader in most major corporations when it comes to data analysis, so it should help me in my job search in the near future. At this time, I am totally enjoying my foray into SAS and am confident about mastering it by the end of this course.  In fact, spent the whole of today morning banging away a my keyboard as I tweaked my data-codebook and formulated the necessary code to analyse my variables and data.

I hope to post many more happy thoughts as we speed along with the content. So until the next time, Adieu! 🙂