Aloha and Welcome!

First of all thank you for reading my blog.

What am I doing in this little corner of the internet? Well, mainly documenting my journey into the world of data analytics, including statistical analysis, R programming projects that I am currently working on. No theoretical principles, only tips or applications. When I initially started my foray into this exciting area, I had no idea where to start. So I sifted through vast repositories of information (some good, some excellent, some marginally relevant and few tantalizingly useless) and no place to collect those, except my handy Evernote app and bookmark folders. So the plan is to use this blog as a central repository for all all the brilliant resources that I found useful.

If you are new to data analytics, hopefully these resources would save your time, too! If you are a veteran of the subject, I would love to interact with you and learn more. So please do share your opinions, fav links, books and blogs through the comments and/or connect with me on twitter via @anu_analytics.

Some of what comes next –

  • How to use the tools and software (Tableau, Google Analytics, project codes) for these projects.
  • My opinions to questions from some online data analysis and statistics courses. Feel free to browse through them or ignore, based on how relevant you find them.
  • Reviews of books that I use.
  • Links to code snippets and projects.
  • Data visualization charts! (Can’t wait to post those!)